Committed to the Residents of Red Deer County

My top priority as a Councillor is to listen to and represent the people in Division 6



As a Councillor, I would

    • be committed to the residents of Red Deer County.
    • recognize the value of residents’ taxes.
    • be cost-conscious and ensure that Red Deer County Council decisions are within its financial means.
    • thoroughly research the issues before making decisions.
    • ensure Red Deer County’s partnerships benefit the residents of Red Deer County.
    • not run for any other forms of government while serving as a County Councillor

What I hope to accomplish

    • Represent the residents of the County
    • Strengthen safety and security within the County
    • Expand and improve upon County partnerships
    • Promote the mandate to ensure County taxes are low


I would like to endorse, Laura Stephen, for Councillor for Division 6. I believe Laura to be a very dedicated and conscientious individual. Laura will do a great job for our community.

~George Gehrke -Former Division 6 Red Deer County Councillor-

People like Laura make Red Deer County the great place that it is. I first met her through our children’s sports teams. Laura volunteered that year and each year since. She gives whole heartedly of her time and takes her commitment seriously. Her dedication to and involvement in the community show her natural leadership abilities and I look forward to seeing her contributions to Red Deer County Council. We need thoughtful, educated, strategic and engaging politicians at County Council, and I can’t think of a better more genuine candidate for councillor. Get out and make your vote count on October 16th

~Lindsay Winters -Division 6 resident-

It was my privilege to serve with Laura in a volunteer capacity within a local woman’s organization in our community. Laura performed consistently at a 5 star level. She always sought to understood her responsibilities throughly. She was able to work effectively with people of varied backgrounds. She is an attentive listener and yet can also take decisive action. She prepares and has the follow-through to make things happen. Hands down, she has my full confidence and vote. Best of luck Laura. We are lucky to have such a great candidate!

~Jadene Huston -Division 6 resident-

My wife and I have known Laura and her family for 14 years. We have no doubt she would be the ideal councillor for Division 6. She is very hardworking, honest and committed. Laura will fight to make sure your county tax dollars are used wisely. She is very confident and will not be afraid to stand up for the best interests of constituents. We are particularly concerned about crime in Red Deer County and she has great ideas in this regard. She definitely has our vote.

~David Playfair -Division 6 resident-

I have only known Laura a short time but have found her to be honest and straight-forward. I believe Laura is not scared to challenge the status quo. She will be committed to the residents of Division 6 and will bring new ideas and a different point of view.

~Garett Cupples -Division 6 resident-

Laura is AMAZING! She is a hard working fun loving lady! I know she will do wonders for our division! Go Laura!!

~Heather McDonald -Division 6 resident-


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My name is Laura Stephan.  My husband Chris and I have four strong boys, Austin, Jordan, Christian, and Matthew.  We love living in Red Deer County because the County is friendly, beautiful and relaxing.