Meet Laura

Meet Laura

My name is Laura Stephan. My husband Chris and I have four strong boys, Austin, Jordan, Christian, and Matthew. We love living in Red Deer County because the County is friendly, beautiful and relaxing.


  • Legal Assistant Diploma from Bow Valley College
  • Business Certificate from SIAST
  • Amateur Ham Radio Certificate with Honors

Community Involvement 

  • Director; Red Deer Minor Football
  • Co-captain; Women’s Basketball team
  • Active Committee member for local women’s and children organizations
    • Organized local community clean-ups
    • Active participant in regular local food drives
    • Planned, coordinated and presented lectures, talks, activities, and seminars
    • Children’s Mentor

Why I am running

I care about my community and I’m committed to making it better. I have what it takes to be a good member of council.

  • I am smart, hardworking, and qualified.
  • I take my commitments seriously and invest myself fully into my responsibilities.
  • I am fiscally conservative.

What I hope to accomplish

  • Represent the residents of the County
  • Strengthen safety and security within the County
  • Expand and improve upon County partnerships
  • Promote the mandate to ensure County taxes are low


I love to dance, and bowl.  During the summer months you can often find me and my boys at a bowling alley. I also enjoy playing sports, reading, cross stitching, traveling and working on my family history and genealogy.